Star Compass

How do navigators find, and keep their direction across oceans?

The ancient Pacific navigators used different types of star and wind compasses.

The great Micronesian Pwo navigator Pius Mau Piailug shared the star compass with Sir Hekenukumai Busby, who built one at Aurere in Taitokerau. Renowned celestial navigator Jacko Thatcher built his in Tauranga and now Piripi Smith, Pwo Navigator has built Ātea a Rangi in Clive.

We join Piripi at the Ātea as he talks us through how the compass helps voyagers sail across oceans using the stars, sun and moon.

Thanks to Piripi and Michelle for welcoming us to the Ātea. We acknowledge the navigators of the Pacific for keeping this matauranga alive.

Writer/Director: Anna Marbrook | Editor: Sarah Grohnert | Camera and Drone: Jess Charlton and Simon Baumfield | Production Coordinator: Angela Maurice