The waka is my island

Tepoe Tahiata gives Noenoe a tour of Fa’afaite waka - Tepoe’s “island” for the next four and a half months. Together they explore how living on this waka shows us how to live together on the planet.

Additional night time waka footage from Waka Warriors

Thanks to Zoomslide, Te Toki Voyaging Trust, Ricky-Lee Russell and Keanu Townsend

Special thanks to Fa’afaite - Tahiti Voyaging Society

Writer/Director: Anna Marbrook | Editor: Sarah Grohnert | Camera: Simon Temple, Adam Jones, Madison Henry-Ryan and Faumuina Tafuna’i | Sound: John McNicholas, Raimana Loussan and Laurent Longubardo | Production Coordinators: Tess Whelan and Angela Maurice